Sunday, 23 December 2012

Getting Back To It

Right, time to get this restarted. Plenty has happened in the world of Pittsburgh pro-sports since my last post in late 2010. The Penguins have looked good in the regular season, then embarrassed themselves in back-to-back first round exits in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Steelers have appeared in - and lost, sadly - the Superbowl, then got Tebowed last year in the Wild-Card round. And the Pirates...well the Pirates have tortured their beleaguered fanbase by looking as if they were finally going to end all the losing before blowing up spectacularly in the run in two years in a row to drop below .500 at season's end. Deflating.

Anyhow, crucially, none of them has won anything since I canned the blog. Thus, there must be a correlation between the two things, no?* Time to get writing again and time for Pittsburgh to return as City of Champions.

*Somewhere, someone is working on an advanced Sabermetric measure to prove this...

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